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Hi! I’m Anna – an awards winning wedding and event photographer, and a mom of two precious little girls: Roni and Yoshi. I moved to Boston a few years ago – just before my oldest daughter was born; till then i lived in New York City and for 6 years ran a busy wedding photography studio in Gramercy.

I approach every wedding as a unique event and always try to think outside the box. I consider my photographic style to be artistic, refreshing, and fun. I like to create an easy-going lighthearted atmosphere to make couples feel excited and relaxed, which helps me capture natural poses and amazing candid moments. I bring laughter and joy to the wedding day, and always try to reflect that joy with my camera. With every shot I take I’m constantly thinking of new ways to creatively tell your story using unconventional techniques and unique angles, while making sure that the true essence of each moment will shine through when you view your photos. My goal is to preserve your special moments by creating visually striking imagery that captures your Love to be enjoyed for years to come. My photos have been published in New York Times, Time Out New York magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, Contemporary Bride magazine, and Daily News.

With the birth of my girls I had to slow down a bit – afterall family comes first, and being at weddings and photoshoots all weekends long (especially in Summer!) meant no hiking, biking and camping family trips, no going to the beach, lakes and whatnot, and no well-deserved weekend rest for my hardworking husband. The new life-to-work balance was striked at 3 weddings per month, and so I am accepting a limited number of bookings for 2017 and 2018 wedding seasons, while leaving a plenty of weekends free for my girls. Email me or call me to schedule an appointment soon, as my calendar is filling up fast!

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