Home Security – Some Practical Advice for Newlyweds

Some Practical Advice for Newlyweds

How do you make sure that your home security is intact and super reliable?

Well, hiring security guards or even installing the security cameras in your premise is not enough. You need to make sure that your security level is right and your people, plus properties are well protected. Therefore, the following are essential security tips that you should employ in your premise to ensure that your security is good.

Keep in mind that in some cases, burglary is conducted by un-experienced thieves which means that, having the right precaution tips at hand, you can prevent some of the Bulgarians from happening.

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Some practical advice to use for security purposes in your home.

Try burglary moves in your home.

This is mainly done to test the quality of the CCTV cameras and the quality of your home locks. Manoeuvre around the home compound, to determine the areas where the security cameras reach. If you have newly installed locks, try forcing them to open with a sharp object to see if the locks will open. This act helps you to determine the small issues that may be on your security systems and parts of your home.

Always lock your home when leaving.

Even if you are going to the nearest shop or grocery shop around your home, you should ensure to lock your house. Some thieves tend to spy on their targets to monitor them the moment they leave home so they can break in while others walk in to see if the house is unlocked to steal. Therefore, avoid such scenarios by ensuring the house is closed all the time when you are not around.

Change the locks when you move to a new home.

First, you don’t know the people who had occupied the home or the person left in charge. So, to be on a safe side, ensure to change all the current locks to new ones before settling in the house. Note that this includes all the access areas in your new home, including the windows.

Ensure all the security camera cables are sealed.

Wireless cameras are highly recommended because no wires are running across the house, and thus, it is difficult for thieves to notice that they are being monitored. But, if you still opt to install the wired cameras, make sure to seal all the wire cables around the house. The first thing that the thieves do is disconnect all the wiring cables connected to the CCTV. Sealing the wires assures you no one will be able to see the cameras making it easy for police to trace the thieves.

Ensure your house looks occupied.

This is a crucial tip for people who come home late or those who are always on the move. If the house looks occupied all the time, this will keep off thieves. So, set the security systems to be operational all the time. Install security lights with a timer such that they can automatically go on when it gets dark, and go off in the morning. Follow this link safetyhub.net to see reviews of the top best security devices to install in your house.

Regularly check on your security systems. 

How often do you check on your security systems? You should hire a technician to come ones in a while to see if the security systems in the house are still functional. A technician is in a better position to advise you in case the systems have a fault or is not functioning accordingly.

Change the locks when you lose your keys.

If you are unable to trace your keys within the first 24 hours of losing them, make sure to change the locks of your house. Making a copy of the lost keys is not a good idea since you don’t know who may retrace your lost keys. Also, ensure to hire a professional and reputable handyman to replace your locks for security purposes.

Get familiar with your neighbours.

Your neighbours are your security people when you are not around, and they can immediately notify you ones they notice unusual people roaming around your house. So, ensure to be friendly with your neighbours, get to know them better, and also helps them when necessary.

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Apart from installing the top quality security systems in your home, these are other practical tips to employ to ensure your home is safe. Always hire a professional service provider who is well known and have a physical company such that you can easily trace them when need be. Before moving to a new neighbourhood, always research about the security state of the area.

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