Why A Small Intimate Wedding May Not Be A Bad Idea

Why A Small Intimate Wedding May Not Be A Bad Idea

Ding, dong the wedding bells are ringing. That particular guy or gal has popped the question. Now the prep and planning begin. One of the big decisions you have to make is whether to have a big or small wedding. Big weddings can be fun and exciting by you’re leaning more toward a small intimate wedding. Here are some reasons why a small intimate wedding can be the best option for you.

Why A Small Intimate Wedding May Not Be A Bad Idea

All I Got Is Money On My Mind!

Weddings can be expensive, and maybe you are on a tight budget. Hosting a small gathering, you can cut down on the cost of food and beverages because you don’t have that many guest mouths to feed. This can put that extra food money in your pocket for you to spend on the honeymoon. Maybe those additional funds that you have in your pocket you can put towards beautiful foil menu cards that you’ve had your eye on. With fewer people, you can select a cheaper, smaller venue or even throw your event in your backyard. Nothing is better than a free venue, and backyard weddings are so beautiful!

We Are Family!

Aunties, uncles, second cousins, and so on are fun to celebrate with, but maybe you’re not close with your family. Possibly your spouse to be doesn’t have any extended family. Perhaps you want to invite those family members and friends that are closest to you. With a small intimate wedding, you can focus on who matters the most to you in your life. By keeping the guest list short, you can share in some special interactions on your special day and talk to all of your guests and not worry if you said hi to Great Grannie Jackson.

I Do!

Who are the most critical people on your special day, but you and your partner? In all honesty, the most important people on the big wedding day are the couple. Sometimes we get wrapped up in all of the planning and preparation for the big day that we forget that as long as you and your partner are happy and excited to celebrate your union, then that is ultimately the most important thing. By keeping things small, you relieve the stress that a big wedding would put on you, and you can naturally and sincerely appreciate the day and your partner. The intimacy that can be shared between you and your partner my increase and thrive when in a small ceremony because that focus is on yourselves and no outside forces.

Whether you choose to go with a big or small ceremony that is up to you, your wedding day can be stressful and overwhelming, but it does not have to be if you can simplify and remember what is most important to you on that day. It all comes down to the love you have for your partner and how you want to share that with the people most close to you.

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